About Us

Trademark ForMe offers the European market useful household products that can make every day life easier and more interesting. 

We are constantly at work upon the expansion of our product range and follow the latest innovations in the field of household appliances. We try to offer products and solutions that have an optimal price/quality balance and relatively low cost. There are many high quality products, but not every buyer can afford to purchase them. We offer affordable products which are highly competitive with the leading manufacturers. 

For partners:

We are very glad to cooperate with our existing partners who represent our products in their store chains and online shops. We would be happy to extend the partnership with new shops and online stores. We are flexible in cooperation and it is easy to find common language and compromise with us. If you are interested in cooperation with our company please contact us by e-mail: sales@formeonline.eu

For clients:

We are pleased to share the results of our work with present and future customers. It is important that you share your impressions, suggestions and wishes with us. Together we can make our products better, more affordable and useful. Send us your comments and propositions by e-mail: sales@formeonline.eu